An e-payment is an easy way to donate. Just use our online payment form (Paytrail/online banking service). First enter the amount of your choice and then give your contact information. For donations of over 850 euros, we will also need your social security number or business ID, which can be given by e-mail or phone: Controller Annukka Nurma, annukka.nurma@lut.fi, tel. +358 400 548 140.


Deed of donation

You can also draw up a deed of donation and make a bank transfer. A deed of donation enables gifts of over 10 000 euros to the business or technology education fund.

Our fund-raising bank account:
FI69 5620 0920 2441 74

Download a PDF template for a deed of donation

Text message donation

Text message donation You can donate 5, 10 or 20 euros with a text message. To donate e.g. 20 euros, text the code ”LAHJOITA20 LUT” to the number 16588 (omit the quotes; both upper or lower case letters can be used).